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Landscape Design Ideas

From standalone pergolas and patios to expansive outdoor living spaces with kitchens, fire pits, and inground pools, our landscape designers will help you craft a one-of-a-kind upgrade for your home.

Dream big.
We can build it.

Outdoor Living Design

At Clark Outdoor Designs every project begins with an in-person visit to your property, where wer listen to your ideas and then we provide a free quote with the cost of your project.

Next we begin the design phase, creating a detailed 3D rendering of your project to make 100% sure we have captured every tiny detail in our construction plan.

Then we follow this plan very cafefully during the construction process so that the final result is exactly what you expect (and more).

Most builders create the engineering drawings that are required for permits but Clark Outdoor Designs takes this a step further, designing your project as a realistic 3D rendering software.

With this rendering, drawn to scale, you can see exactly where your money is going before construction starts.

Other Benefits:

  • Reduces permitting delays and the time it takes engineers to produce the plans required by your municipality.

  • Helps us all be totally clear on exactly what your project entails from the beginning, down to the little details like treatments, textures, and materials.

  • You can change your mind as many times as you need in the design phase without incurring extra costs.

  • You can see your outdoor space under different lighting conditions.

  • Your rendering serves as a go-by to help you monitor our progress during construction.

  • You can show how your friends and family what to expect!