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Benefits Of Wood Fences

If you’re a homeowner in a suburban environment, there’s a lot to say for the timeless appeal and practical benefits of wooden fences. Here’s why a wooden fence might be the perfect addition to your Dallas property:

  1. Natural Beauty That Complements Any Style: The warm tones and unique grain patterns of natural wood add a classic character to your outdoor space, and a good looking fence will increase your curb appeal.

  2. Privacy and Security: Our wooden fences are designed to provide privacy, shielding your yard from prying eyes, and security, adding an extra layer to keep your loved ones and pets safe.

  3. Customization: Your home is one-of-a-kind, and your fence can be too.  From picket fences to privacy screens, we can craft a fence that fits your home and your specific needs.

  4. Built For Texas: A well-maintained wooden fence can stand strong for years. We use durable woods like cedar or ipe that naturally resist decay, insects, and weathering so your fence can stand the test of time.

  5. Easy Upkeep: Everyone’s busy, and we understand you need solutions that fit your lifestyle. Wooden fences are surprisingly low-maintenance, and when repairs are needed, they’re often simpler and more cost-effective than other materials.

  6. Lasting Value: Investing in your home only makes sense when the costs are right. Wooden fences offer an attractive balance of quality and affordability without sacrificing function.

At Clark Outdoor Designs, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your outdoor space. A wooden fence is more than just a boundary – it’s an investment in your property’s beauty, security, and value. 

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Wood Fence Designs

Fences seem simple enough, and there are many minimalist designs, but there’s so much more potential. Since your fence is the backdrop of most of your landscaping, and your yard itself, a beautiful fence enhances the rest of your landscape design.

  • Side-by-side: This classic design features vertical boards placed side by side, offering a clean, uniform look. This cost-effective design is popular for its simplicity and functionality.

  • Board-on-board: For total privacy and extra style, a board-on-board fence has overlapping vertical boards on alternating sides of the rails, creating an attractive, sturdy barrier.

  • Horizontal Side-by-side: Horizontal fences are a modern twist on traditional designs. Boards are placed horizontally, creating a sleek, contemporary look that can be customized with varying board widths and spacing.

  • Horizontal Board-on-board: Combine the privacy of a board-on-board fence with the modern flair of a horizontal design with overlapping horizontal boards that have a unique, eye-catching look.

  • Shadowbox: Shadowbox fences offer the best of both worlds – privacy and aesthetics- with an alternating board design. Boards are placed on opposite sides of the rails, creating “shadow” lines.

Each design can be further customized with various materials, finishes, and gear to fit perfectly with your personal needs and the design of your home.

Best Materials For Wood Fences

  • Cedar: Cedar is naturally beautiful wood that resists rot, decay, and insects. It weathers gracefully and is an excellent choice for its longevity and appearance.

  • Ipe: For unmatched durability and luxury, ipe wood stands above the rest. This dense, exotic hardwood is resistant to rot, decay, insects, and even fire. Although more expensive than cedar, ipe’s incredible lifespan of 50+ years makes it a worthy investment.

  • Composites: Composite fencing offers the traditional look of wood with reduced maintenance. Made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic, composite boards won’t rot, splinter, or fade, and come in a variety of colors and textures.

If you’d like to hear more about your options with wood fencing, schedule a home visit from one of our Dallas fence installation experts and they’ll provide you with a free quote for your project.

Wood Fence Installation

A fence is essential for security and privacy in suburban life but we understand that you might be put off by the interruption that installing a fence will mean in your day-to-day life. A typical installation process takes 1-3 weeks including permitting, site preparation, and construction.

To understand the process of wood fence installation in Dallas, TX, let’s walk through at typical fencing project, step by step:

  1. Planning Your Ideal Fence: Together, we’ll select the perfect wood or composite and style to complement your home and landscape. From charming picket fences to robust privacy designs, we’ve got options for every situation.
  1. Navigating Local Regulations: Our team is well-versed in local zoning laws and HOA regulations. We take care of all the necessary permits to ensure your new fence meets all municipal requirements.
  1. Respecting Boundaries: Good fences make good neighbors, but only when they’re in the right place. We’ll accurately mark your property lines, relying on official documents, or even professional surveyors if needed. This very important step prevents disputes from ever occuring and ensures your investment is protected.
  1. Safety First: Before we break ground, we coordinate with local utility companies to mark underground lines, protecting your property and our team during installation.
    1. Quality Materials, Expert Tools: We use only top-quality materials for your fence, selected to withstand the Texas climate. And our professional-grade tools and experienced craftsmen ensure your work is done right at every step of the project.
  1. Site Preparation: We’ll clear and level your site to create the ideal foundation for your new fence, removing any unstable debris.
  1. Post Installation: Our team secures your fence posts, using proper depth and high-quality concrete to guarantee stability for years to come.
  1. Picket Installation: We install each board in your wooden fence with meticulous care, ensuring level, even spacing and secure attachment.
  1. Finishing Touches: Your fence is careful trimmed, sanded, stained and sealed to protect your investment and bring out its beauty.
  1. Quality Assurance: Lastly, we perform a thorough inspection to guarantee the stability and quality of your new fence before cleaning up after ourselves and leaving no trace of our construction team.

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Wood Fence Costs

The cost of installing an wood fence in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas varies based on factors such as the linear feet of your future fence and the materials and style of the design you select.

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