Pergola Photos

Examples Of Our Pergolas

Browse these photos of pergolas by Clark Outdoor Designs to see what you can do in your own backyard project. From freestanding pergolas to pergolas attached to your house, or incorporated into a larger project like an outdoor kitchen or grilling station, one of these pergola design ideas is sure to inspire you.

Pergola Design Ideas

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Standard Pergola

A standard pergola is an open-air structure consisting of columns supporting a lattice of beams and rafters that provides partial shade while allowing sun and breeze to pass through. 

Pergolas are popular in Texas for  numerous reasons. They provide a shaded area to relax or entertain, making it more comfortable to spend time outdoors during the hot summer months. A well-designed pergola can increase your home’s value by extending your living space and improving your property’s overall appearance.

covered pergolas in frisco texas

Covered Pergola

A covered pergola is a variation of the standard pergola with a solid roof. The roof can be made from materials like metal, wood, or shingles, and provides protection from the sun and rain.

Covered pergolas offer a sheltered outdoor living space where you can relax, dine, or entertain guests while being protected from the harsh sun or sudden rain showers. 

covered pergolas in frisco texas

Pergola & Patio

Pergolas combine beautifully with patios to create an inviting outdoor living space. The patio provides a solid, level surface for furniture, while the pergola offers shade and structure overhead.

This combination can be customized to suit your style and needs, whether you prefer a classic wood pergola with a stone patio or a modern metal pergola with a concrete patio.

covered pergolas in frisco texas

Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola can be placed anywhere in your yard, creating a shaded relaxation space where there would otherwise just be the hot hot sun.

Freestanding pergolas are perfect for creating a focal point in your garden, adding a seating area, and providing shade over a pool or hot tub.